Does Dysport Last Longer the More You Do It?

The dose of neurotoxin is related to its duration. In general, the more Dysport is given, the longer it could last. But, we always want to achieve the ideal aesthetic result, which is usually to soften the lines and reshape the face, rather than simply freezing it. Maintaining the results of your injection definitely requires an investment on your part, both time and money.

To get the most longevity and keep the cost per treatment low for cosmetic injection results, all you have to do is not let it go back to baseline. Let's say that the first time you inject your lips, you decide that you need 2 vials of Volbella to make your lips look exactly the way you want. It's easier to process this concept if you think your injection product is like a piece of ice. If your lip filler is similar to an ice cube, the longer you have it, the more it melts and disperses.

The smaller it gets, the faster it ultimately dissipates. By adding more and increasing the volume of that piece of “ice”, you will slow down the melting process and prolong the effect of 2 vials with just one vial. If you need 45 units of Botox (or Dysport) regularly to achieve the desired results and wait until you regain your full range of motion before receiving the next treatment, you will likely still need (at least) 45 units at each subsequent visit. However, if you return as soon as you start to regain some movement, you should only need a fraction of that initial amount to get back to where you want to be.

This advice is assuming you are receiving proper treatment right from the start. On average, Botox and Dysport results last 3 months, but many people try to lengthen the time between visits to save money, not realizing that this is causing the opposite effect. If you are the average person, it would be more beneficial for you to receive treatment every 3 months (like clockwork) before the product from your last visit has completely disappeared, rather than having to start the treatment process all over again from the baseline each time. Once you get to the point where you're satisfied and want to move to maintenance mode, take small steps to maintain your results and avoid having to start over.

Kybella results are permanent, so once you get the result you want, you're good to go. With About Face SkinCare as your skincare partner, you can achieve your skin goals and feel beautiful and safe in the skin you're on. Stay informed by receiving monthly email updates from the experts at About Face. Clinical studies have shown that Dysport lasts up to four months.

On average, there is no difference in how long wrinkles stay away with Botox or Dysport. It really depends on your body. Some patients find that Dysport lasts longer and others see better results with Botox. Or you may not notice any difference between the two treatments.

Get regular exercise You can maximize the results of your injectable treatments by doing regular exercise. Exercise increases skin nutrients and oxygen, decreasing signs of aging and helping you look more relaxed and radiant. Increased relaxation also decreases muscle tension in the face, thus preventing facial lines from forming. The effects of Dysport may appear sooner, but Botox will last much longer than Dysport.

However, this doesn't mean that Botox is always better than Dysport, because there are some cases where you may need to get rid of wrinkles quickly for an upcoming event. This can be prevented by placing small amounts of Botox around the edges to blend the two areas, but Dysport does this naturally. To help you plan, it's essential to have a basic understanding of how long you can expect Dysport to last and how often you'll likely need to repeat injections. If this is your first time getting Dysport injections, knowing what to expect is great at helping minimize the anxiety that often surrounds any needle procedure and the potential for discomfort.

For clarity, Botox could also spread, but it is more likely to occur with Dysport due to its blurring effect. While Botox and Dysport are very similar and have similar ingredients, they cannot be used interchangeably. Dermal fillers can be safely combined with Dysport (or Botox) if it also involves dynamic and static wrinkles. Dysport treatment requires more units than Botox but when properly dosed they give similar results.

If you're not ready for cosmetic surgery but would like to improve your facial appearance Botox or Disport may be right for you. The good news is that many cosmetic treatments can eliminate wrinkles without resorting to surgical procedures such as Botox and Dysport. Dysport can also be used to lift corners of mouth raise eyebrows decrease chin dimples slim face by reducing bulky jaw muscles reduce neck lines etc. Botox and Dysport only affect specific area where injected do not spread everywhere which means they will need update their Dysport injections about four times a year for most people.

This means when Dysport injected into muscle below areas being treated effectively paralyzes it. The creators of Dysport formulated injectable specifically help treat glabellar lines which are lines between eyebrows form between eyebrows.

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